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Banana smoothie ice-cream

Good morning, Banana Enthusiasts


I am afraid I have some bad news. This banana smoothie ice-cream is impossible to resist.  Once that initial spoonful meets your lips, resistance is impossible! This frozen treat is du dum da dum dum simply irresistibile.


The natural sweetness of ripe bananas is perfectly in tune with the velvety vanilla-flavoured yoghurt, and they’ll be humming in harmony on your tongue. The dash of cinnamon adds a hint of the exotic, finely grated chocolate joins the party to add a touch of decadence and for those craving extra vanilla bliss, a touch (or two) of vanilla extract adds a burst of Vanilla yumminess. This is a stylish-looking desert with its glossy chocolate drizzle,

As for the peanut butter – while it might not contribute significantly to the flavour, and believe me I tried to make it a feature by, added up to 10 tablespoons of this glorious nut. It is still a subtle subtext taste-wise, however it did do wonders for the texture, making it luxuriously thicker and richer.



What can I tell you banana lovers? This luscious banana-based blend of flavours is nothing short of sublime. It's a treat that captivates from the first taste and stubbornly refuses to let go. Resistance is futile but surrender, in this case, is sweet.


Make at your own peril and above all enjoy.


Banana Smoothie Ice Cream


  • 1 kg bananas (with peel on)

  • 4 heaped tablespoons peanut butter

  • 2 cups yogurt (I used low-fat, vanilla-flavored, Greek-style yogurt)

  • 1/4 cup almond milk (or any milk of your choice)

  • 5 teaspoons vanilla extract

  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon

  • 50g dark hazelnut chocolate, finely grated



1.    Peel and cut the bananas, then place them in a zip lock bag and pop them in the freezer for a few hours or until firm.

2.    In a food processor or blender, combine all ingredients except for the grated chocolate.

3.    Transfer the mixture to a bowl and mix in the finely grated dark chocolate.

4.    You can then transfer the mixture into ice cream moulds, or individual serving-size dishes.

5.    Place in the freezer overnight or until it becomes firm.



  • Hand full Pistachios

  • 50g dark Chocolate

  • 1 Banana


1.    Crush the pistachios.

2.    Melt the chocolate.

3.    Slice the banana


1.    Arrange banana slices on top of the ice cream.

2.    Drizzle melted chocolate over the bananas.

3.    Sprinkle crushed pistachios on top.


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