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Cottage cheese mousse

Cottage cheese chocolate mousse, to post or not to post, that is the question.

I made this cottage cheese chocolate mousse because I wanted to make something different and not fattening, and if you asked me, what’s it like I would say it’s incredibly light. I would have never thought that cottage cheese could come out just like a real mousse texture, BUT there is a but, I was not a fan of the flavour so I didn’t want to post it, how do you post something that’s not exactly to your liking??? I decided to give it to my friend and see what she thinks and to my surprise she loved it.

Me: ‘Really, you love it.’

Nancy: ‘Yes, why wouldn’t you post this, it’s delicious.’

Me: ‘Because I don’t really love the flavour.’

Nancy: ‘I do, so I’m sure there are others like me who would.’

Others, others… yes it was an intriguing notion. I’d always thought I was about as other as you can get, apart from my mother who is the mother of all others – if you get my drift – but there are other others…

Nava (coming back to reality): ‘What do you like about the flavour?’

Nancy: ‘It’s bitter sweet with a slight tanginess and the texture is so light and airy.’

So to all the ‘others’ this one is for you. It’s light and airy high in protein (for all the keto fans) bitter sweet, with a touch of tanginess.

If you do make this super-simple treat, please let me know if you are one of the ‘others’ … on not. I would love to hear your thoughts.


500g cottage cheese

3 teaspoons coco

2 tablespoon pure icing sugar

3 egg whites

4 tablespoons castor sugar


In a food processor, process cottage cheese with icing sugar and cocoa until smooth.

Transfer to a bowl, set aside.

With a handheld mixer or a standalone mixer, whisk egg whites with castor sugar until firm peaks form

Gently fold egg whites in thirds into cottage cheese mixture.

Transfer to serving dish. Garnish with a mixture of drinking chocolate and cocoa or serve plain.

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