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Happy 1st of November everyone.

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Good morning, It's November already can you believe it??? I am going to make sure November is a great month and i hope. it is for you.

I have been asked to promote T-shirts, spices, dog food (I didn’t take that one too personally) and cheap kitchen gadgets.

So you can imagine how chuffed I was when the proprietor of Everything Kitchen asked me to promote their product.

Sounding very business like I said, “I don’t promote just anything.”

To which she answered, “You can choose whatever you like.”

Well, I am long overdue for a good mandolin, and I picked the top of the range. For those of you who think I’m about to embark on a musical career, I should point out that a mandolin is a kitchen device for slicing, and while you can’t play “Arrivederci Roma” on this instrument, it is a fantastic boon in the kitchen.

This nifty little gizmo is perfect for shredding and slicing. Easy and quick to use, it comes with three interchangeable blades and safety gloves to make sure only the food gets sliced, for those of you who don’t literally want to have a finger in a lot of pies. It’s a great help whether you’re baking, cooking or making a salad.

If you want to use it to save time or just to make a beautiful presentation this mandolin will make your life in the kitchen EASY.

It will also make a great Christmas gift and you can pick one up from Everything Kitchen in Westfield Bondi Junction or Miranda Westfield or hop on their website

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