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Pickled onions

If you are anything like me (God help you) you will absolutely go nuts over this, pickled onion recipe, which is absolutely foolproof (not that anyone here is a fool). All you need is three ingredients, and five minutes time and you’re done and dusted. I have been downing these pickled onions like nobody’s business (which is a good thing because it is nobody’s business). They taste so good!

And how good do they look?! Don’t you just love that purplicious colour? They brighten up any salads and are an ideal accompaniment to any sandwiches and they add a tonne of flavour.

My homemade pickled onions, have no sugar, no vinegar and no garlic or salt. They are simply soaked in freshly squeezed lemon juice and peppered with a handful of sweet, dried cranberries. This flavour bomb dish, salad, or sandwich will blow you away.

Just be warned, you might be the only one laughing at your jokes after indulging in these tangy delights.


3 lemons

1 large purple onion

Handful of cranberries (double the quantity if you want more than a hint of sweetness)


Juice lemons and pour the juice into a large cup through a mesh strainer. Set aside.

Using a sharp knife, slice onions thinly. (It helps if you have a mandolin) and add onions to a sterilised jar alternating with small amounts of cranberries.

Pour lemon juice on top. It doesn’t have to cover the onions. Give it a shake and put in the fridge for 30 min when they should be bright pink and tender and ready to eat.

Mini, bite size open sandwiches

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