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Sweet potato and Tahini dip/spread

made this dip/spread aaaaages ago. Off the cuff. I love sweet potatoes and I wanted to make a healthy dip/spread, I didn't use measurements but just winged it and my son's partner LOVED it, which I was happy about and then I forgot about it. The next time they called to say they were coming to stay for the weekend (they live in Newcastle ) I asked if there was anything they would like me to make. My son wanted the usual, schnitzel or nachos, but his partner asked me to make the sweet potato dip I made last time they came to visit. She said she LOVED it, it was perrrrfrfect and could I make the same one pleeeeease. Ooops , I honestly couldn't remember the exact ingredients or amounts. This happens all the time: I will make something, I won’t write quantities and then someone will say, 'oh can you please make that thing you made last time it was soooo good…’ and I don’t have a clue. Which is why winging it was invented.

I had a few days to practice to get it right, so I bought a few sweet potatoes and got to work. Luckily everything turned out delicious and I have made it lots of times since.

I didn’t write a precise amount of ingredients, because I have left it up to your taste buds to decide, on the flavour. How much tahini you use will depend on whether you like a strong tahini flavour. Also the amount of lemon you need can vary as some lemons are mild in flavour and others are potent and very sour, that your whole face screws up and your body contorts (not a great photo op). My suggestion it to start with the smaller amount of each ingredients, stop and taste, then continue adding until you get the flavour you like.


  • 1 large sweet potato, peeled and chopped

  • 3-5 tablespoons tahini

  • 2-3 cloves garlic, crushed

  • 1/4 -1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

  • 1 teaspoon sweet paprika

  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin

  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Steam or boil the sweet potato until super soft. Using a sieve drain water and allow for potato to cool.

  2. In a bowl using a fork mash potato add the rest of the ingredients together and mix until smooth.

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