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Tahini and Date Porridge

You can use a plant based milk and make it vegan or use dairy .

Halva (a dense, crumbly, super-sweet tahini-based treat), Shachar (chocolate spread) and Shoko (chocolate milk drink) were three staples you found in every Israeli kitchen in the early 70s.

If you are Israeli born and grew up in the 70s you know exactly what I’m talking about, and I know there are a few of you out there.

Do you remember Shoko, the chocolate milk drink? It came in a square plastic bag with a tiny straw that you put in one of the corners of the bag so you could guzzled it down after eating one of those sandwiches, because you were so thirsty from all the sugar in the shachar or the halva.

We have since learnt that these are ‘some-time food’ and I have learnt to eat them in moderation for at least a week now…

The good news is that when experimenting with food to reproduce flavours of an era gone by (boy am I feeling nostalgic right now) without it being unhealthy.

Good quality tahini mixed with madjual dates, (you can use dried dates, if you can’t find fresh ones) gives you that sweet halva flavour, while the milk adds a creamy texture, . As for the topping, your choice is endless. I will almost always choose berries. You just can’t beat berries in my book. I also love a hint of desiccated coconut and some cocoa nibs. YUMBO!


1 cup rolled oats

4 ½ – 5 cups boiling hot water

1 ½ cups milk of your choice (I love almond milk)

5-6 majdual dates soaked Or 10 dried dates

1/3 cup of boiling hot water

3 tablespoons tahini

Date syrup


Place the dates and boiling water in the container of a handheld blender and let it soak while the oats are cooking. Add the tahini and blend to a smooth paste.



Bring oats and 3 cups of water to the boil, stirring regularly. Add the remaining water slowly and keep stirring, it makes the oats sooooo creamy . Stir in the milk, lower the heat and let it simmer for 20min stirring on and off.

Once porridge is ready, give yourself a serving and stir in a couple of teaspoons from the date syrup or you can mix the date syrup and all the porridge together.

Enjoy with your favourite topping.

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