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Toblerone chocolate mousse cake

A very happy Saturday and welcome to the new subscribers to Nava's kitchen

For those of you who don’t know me I’m a mother of four boys/young men and they are my EVERY THING! One of my beautiful twins who I haven’t seen in three long years arrived on Tuesday and I have been walking on air ever since. He wasn’t here when I made this cake for him and his twin’s birthday which was in July so I thought it’s only appropriate that I make it for him now.

To my beautiful boys

Oren Levyand Erez Levy you burst into the world scene 26 years ago and like wild fire, within minutes of your delivery, litrellay EVERY ONE IN SYDNEY knew you had arrived.

And since then you have set a precedence.

For those of you who don’t know me I went into the labour expecting one BIG baby but ten minutes after giving birth to my first boy, Oren Levy, a surprise in the shape of another boy, Erez Levy, was born. And just like that I became a mother to three boys (to an almost two year old and a set of new born identical boys). Oren and Erez with your wit, charm, wicked sense of humour and larger-than-life personality, you brighten up a room like rays of sunshine, and that’s how everyone knows you. What a lot of people don’t know is that family means everything to you. You have an iron strong will and are fiercely loyal and loving to your immediate family, extended family and close friends (who are like your family) Many stories come to mind when I think of you two (sooooo many) but to me none sum you two up like these two stories:

Last year when I was unwell, Oren you were overseas, but you called and texted daily to check up on me and to let me know you were ready to cut your trip short and come home to be near me. Erez, I only found this out last year while dining out at a friend’s house: when you were 11 years old, your friend played a trick on you and told you that you and him had won the lotto and when he asked you what were you going to do with your share, you said that you were going to buy me a dress, not a nintendo game or a new toy for yourself but a dress for me. What your friend didn’t know was that we were going through hard times and all you wanted to do was buy me something special. When I heard that story, I was holding back my tears. On second thought … a house would have been nice? But it’s not in my nature to to complain.

The cake I chose to make you two is rich and over the top like your personality.

And while the swiss made Toblerone chocolate mousse and the Italian ferrero roche decoration represents the finer things in life that you enjoy, the solid chocolate cake which is the foundation that the mousse sits on represents your home, which is where your heart is.

Oren and Erez you two are an amazing gift that I am forever grateful for and on your birthday I wish you all the love and joy that you send out to the world will come back to you a million times more.

Love you to the moon and beyond

Mama bear

*chocolate Fudge base** * 50g butter, chopped * 100g dark chocolate * 1/2 cup packed brown sugar * 1/2 cup plain flour * 1/4 cup sour cream * 1 egg

**Method** 1. Pre-heat oven to 160c 1. Line a 22inch cake tin with baking paper 1. Stir butter and chocolate in a small saucepan over low heat until smooth 1. Remove from heat and stir in one after the other, sugar, egg, flour and sour cream 1. Pour mixture into cake tin and spread evenly bake for approx 25 min

**White chocolate mousse** * 200g good quality white chocolate * 400mls thickened cream * 1/2 tablespoon gelatine * 2 tablespoons hot water


whip 200mls of the thickened cream until firm and put in the fridge

place 200 white chocolate and 200 mls cream in the microwave or in a pot over low heat and stir until chocolate has melted and you are left with a smooth consistency

Dissolve gelatin in hot water and stir into white chocolate mixture then fold melted chocolate into whipped cream.

Pour onto the chocolate cake and allow to cool for a couple of hours or until mousse is firm.

**Chocolate Mousse** * · 100g dark chocolate * 100g Toblerone chocolate * · 50g unsalted butter * 3 table spoons milk or cream * · 5 eggs separated * · 10 tablespoons sugar * · thickened cream (300mls) * · 1 tablespoon gelatin * · 2 tablespoons hot water

**Method** 1. In a mixing bowl whisk egg whites with 10 tablespoons of sugar, adding one tablespoon at a time. Continue whisking until stiff peaks form set a side. 1. In a separate bowl whip the cream until stiff set a side. 1. Place chocolate, butter and milk in a heatproof bowl over a pan with simmering water. Stir until ingredients have melted into a smooth texture. Remove from heat and allow to cool for a couple of minutes, then whisk in the egg yellow, (one at a time.) 1. Dissolve gelatin in hot water and whisk into chocolate mixture. Fold egg white into chocolate mixture and then whipped cream 1. Pour chocolate mousse onto white chocolate mousse, smooth the top, and refrigerate over night or for several hours. 1. Decorate with Ferrero roche, Toblerone triangles and Toblerone shavings.

My four boys

The unshakeable bond between twins

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