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Who doesn't love Ice-cream

If you live in Sydney, Australia. You'll know what i'm talking about when I say:

It was soooooo hot over the weekend, I thought I might melt, so I made my self a naughty but oh so nice treat. It was too hot to bake, but I really wanted to have a treat. So inspired by the idea I might melt, I decided on something cold that would melt in my mouth, while I was melting inside the house. As the old saying goes, when it’s so hot you want to scream you may as well scream for ice-cream (that IS how it goes, isn’t it?) So I combined a few of my favourite things with everyone’s favourite frozen treat, and it was uber delicious and oh so flavoursome.

Halva Ice-cream

The quantities below are according to my taste buds. Feel free to experiment with quantities and you can use different flavoured halva, just have fun with it.


1 litre vanilla Ice-cream

200g chocolate and vanilla halva

1/3 cup crushed /broken (with the back of a knife) roasted hazelnuts

3-4 teaspoon orange blossom water (or according to taste)

Decorate with Rose petals


Let ice-cream soften (not melt). Using your fingers, crumble the halva into the ice-cream. Using a spoon mix thoroughly. Mix in the nuts and orange blossom water.

Stir until all ingredients are well combined. Return to the freezer until very firm. Serve in a serving bowl sprinkle with nuts, halva and rose petals.

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