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H2O So easy chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse – tout suite, but not too sweet

 Heloo my chocohollics!

Did I mention that I have ADHD? I might have but it is always hard to tell as I get easily distracted. Still, when you are as keen a communicator as I am, chances are you have mentioned just about everything once. But, yes, I am; after extensive self-diagnosis and consultation with the top authorities on tic tok, the conclusion is inescapable.


The treat I have to share with you today is a dream come true for me, because we ADHD peeps are impatient to say the least. Now, I’m not lazy, that’s for sure; I have to much of the H for that, and all that energy have to go somewhere, and where better than whipping and beating (this is starting to sound like an SM blog – but you know what I mean). Not to mention kneading and rolling and stirring, swearing at the over – cook you bastard! and kicking the rubbish bin (that last one is an accident!). No, sloth is not among my foibles, but impatience, well yes.


And which one of us hasn’t had a Veruca moment, from time to time that I need a treat and I need it NOW! Or, I have to make a desert – because I couldn’t possibly bring a bought one – but I don’t have time (because I spent too long looking at recipes on tik tok!) ‘Time blindness’ is another ADHD thing – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Whatever the reason, if you need to whip up a little bliss tout suite, this is your treat. Two ingredients, can you believe it? A divine dessert made from water and chocolate alone? Its true! I certainly wouldn’t have believed it either  until I stumbled upon a video showcasing this culinary sorcery. My initial reaction was utter disbelief. After all, water and chocolate are supposed to be mortal enemies! Chocolate is to water is what kryptonite is to Superman, what cake is to my hips, a recipe for DISASTER.  For those who don’t know: if you add a drop of water into your melting chocolate, it will become dry and grainy and it will clump up. But as they say, seeing is believing.


There are two methods to make this mousse: the way I am describing today, in the blender, and other way is doing it by hand with an eggbeater, which I’ll demonstrate another time.  But for now, this is the quickest and easiest way to make it if you are in a hurry and you love dark chocolate.

The chocolate I used for this mousse has to have a high cocoa percentage. I found that 75% was too dark for me but 70% Hit the spot.

I recommend using good quality chocolate and giving it a go today, it is truly remarkable I still can’t believe how creamy it tastes and even though it’s diluted with water you still get the full-bodied taste of chocolate.

I chose to garnish my mousse with a variety of topping and as always I urge you to experiment.



With love and gratitude.


Handy hints:


I boiled the water in the kettle.

Aim for dark chocolate with at least 65% cocoa for best results

Adjust the chilling time based on the cocoa percentage: the higher cocoa content the faster your mousse will set.

This dessert can be prepared a day a head.




300mls Boiling water

200g dark chocolate



Chop up chocolate into squares and place in a blender

Pour the boiling water over the chocolate

Blend the mixture for about a minute or two until the chocolate has completely dissolved and the mixture is smooth.

Transfer blended chocolate mixture into individual serving dishes or ramekins

Place mousse in the fridge to chill and mousse to set.

This process can take couple of hours  or 24 hours depending on cocoa percentage.



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