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chocolate and vanilla biscuit layered cake


When you have a family as big as mine there is always an opportunity to Indulge their collective sweet tooth (it’s more like a tusk, it so huge). As we were all set to gather for my oldest nephew's 40th birthday, I decided to treat them to one of their favourites. It’s the kind of concoction that goes by may names: ‘freezer cake’, ‘fridge cake’, or ‘no-bake dessert’. Whatever you call it, my family call it yummy! To paraphrase Shakespeare, what is in a name, would not this desert by any other taste as sweet?

Now I confess I'm not typically a fan of most freezer cakes but I’ve discovered that I’m in the distinct minority when it comes to that and every time I share photos of this creation, it’s greeted with a flood of accolades. What's remarkable about these cakes is their forgiving nature; they don't demand precision, and you can whip them up days in advance, making them a favourite for cooks on the hop.

I made this cake back in August last year, and it has been patiently waiting in the wings ever since, which is what happens with the less favoured. But today it loses its understudy status and has its turn at strutting that stage, ta da! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the no-bake chocolate and vanilla biscuit layered cake! The amalgamation of the two main flavours come together like long lost lovers destined to be entwined in each other’s embrace in a perfect harmony of flavours that will have you lusting for a second slice. Imagine layers of velvety vanilla and decadent chocolate pudding, laying between the sheets of sweet milky biscuits, topped with white and milk chocolate shavings. Orgasmic? maybe, delicious for sure!


While this may not be my go-to dessert, I can't deny its allure.  Nor can I ignore the rapturous reception its every appearance gets from those who savour this delightful union of textures and flavours. It's a celebration waiting to happen on your taste buds!

Enjoy my lovelies!

Helpful tips

1.    You can Prepare and keep this cake in the freezer for three days.

2.    Ensure all ingredients are cold.

3.    Place the whisking bowl and whisk in the freezer for 15 minutes before use to stabilize the cream and achieve creamy peaks.

4.    Chocolate and vanilla pudding can be made several hours ahead; let them sit for a couple of hours before use for a firmer texture.

5.    Trim the end of biscuits if needed to fit the tin (see video).

6.    I didn’t divide the quantities evenly so I ended up with lots of chocolate pudding and a little vanilla pudding. I mixed them together and made an extra layer.



Vanilla Pudding Mixture:

  • 1/2 cup milk

  • 500ml thickened cream

  • 1 sachet (80g) Osem instant pudding vanilla flavour

  • 25g vanillin sugar




Chocolate Pudding/Custard Mixture:

  • 250ml (1 cup) milk

  • 100ml thickened cream

  • 1 sachet (80g) Osem instant pudding chocolate flavor

  • 900g double thick chocolate custard (store-bought)(I used Pauls brand)



Biscuit and milk 

1 1/4 cups milk

3 packets  biscuits (I used Arnott’s milk coffee biscuits)


Chocolate Garnish

50g white chocolate

50g milk or dark chocolate (I used milk)


Step 1: Vanilla Pudding 

Using a hand-held or stand-alone mixer, beat all vanilla pudding ingredients until peaks form. Divide into two equal portions and refrigerate.


Step 2: Chocolate Pudding

Using a hand held  mixer or a stand- alone mixer, beat cream, milk, and instant pudding chocolate flavour until firm. Add the chocolate custard and beat until smooth. (only for a minute or two, don’t over mix) Divide into three equal portions and refrigerate.



Step 3:Chocolate Garnish: 

Grate 50g white chocolate and 50g milk or dark chocolate using a cheese grater. Place in the fridge.

Alternatively you can use a vegetable peeler for a shaving effect.


Step 4: Prepare Cake Tin: 

Line the bottom of a square cake tin with baking paper (7 ½ cm deep x 24cm square cake tin with a loose bottom).



1.    Dip biscuits in milk and arrange them on the bottom of the cake tin.

2.    Brush biscuits with milk.

3.    Spread one portion of chocolate pudding evenly.

4.    Repeat the biscuit process with one portion of vanilla custard.

5.    Alternate between chocolate and vanilla, ending with a chocolate layer.

6.    Cover with plastic wrap and freeze overnight or for several hours until firm. 

7.     Remove cake from the freezer and from the tin.

8.    If needed, wet cloth with hot water and dab the outside of the cake tin, to remove the cake with ease.

9.    Place the cake on your desired serving dish.

10.    Keep the cake in the freezer, taking it out about half an hour before serving for easy cutting.




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